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Soccer Players and Sneakers

Sponsorship and soccer go hand in hand in the modern game with everyone from fashion houses to airlines wanting to sign up a major league player, but the partnership between sneakers and players is the more obvious and natural pairing. Think of how gaming and gambling institutions “sponsor” or give Free Spins when playing various casino games such as online pokies, etc.

Christian RonaldoIn the world of soccer Christiano Ronaldo was voted “most valuable player” in 2013 so it’s hardly surprising that big brands are eager to work with him. Ronaldo has worked with a range of brands other than footwear companies, pairing up with both Gucci and Armani at times, but has had incredible success working with

His earnings from Nike run into tens of millions of dollars, and Nike clearly feel he’s worth it as his current contract with them pays around $20 million a year!

BeckhamWhat Ronaldo is to Nike, David Beckham and Lionel Messi are to Adidas. Beckham is more than just a top soccer player at Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan. He is a celebrity in his own right and as part of the internationally famous couple “Posh and Beck” has a lot to bring to the table in terms of global recognition. This is probably why gaming institutions such as casinos both land based and online casinos are constantly running after these sports stars and we know why!

Lionell MessiWhich Adidas clearly can see, giving him a lifetime contract for a breath-taking $160 million. Lionel Messi’s sponsorship deal with Adidas, at around $4 million a year, seems almost pocket change after that, but the Barcelona superstar is the fourth most highly paid athlete in the world. Adidas have a range of football boots named after Messi!

“designed for and with the greatest footballer of all time” , and his endorsement is clearly of massive value to them.