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Would it amaze you to know we’re sports fans? And quite into our sneakers! We’re a group of four friends from high school- and one friend’s new partner, who does all our techy stuff, thanks Alex! We met so far back that we don’t really remember when, and we’re all pretty sporty and this includes our choice of online games and where we play them – visit casino!

Any sport really, watching it or playing it.  And along with that comes a fascination with the gear; with the tops and the rackets, the sweat pants and the shorts, but mostly with the sneakers in particular.”>Centre Court Online SlotDo you remember that excitement when you were a kid and you got given the trainers, the basketball boots that you’d wanted? The right pair, the right brand. Well, we just never got over that.  And so we came up with

We get to work together, we get to spend all day thinking about sports, and we get to obsess about sneakers. What’s not to love? So we’ve put together a site which we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

A site where we take a look at all those celebrity athlete endorsement deals over the years- from tennis to basketball, and from the 70s to the present day- and examine what how the sneakers and the players work together, and how the big brands take inspiration from the jocks. We hope you’ll like it. Certainly we here at slots sites have had a lot of fun putting it together. Enjoy!