Basketball Players and Sneakers

Lucky247 Casino Bannermichael jordan32Red Casino BannerWho hasn’t heard of Nike Air Jordans? A fantastically successful pairing between Nike and basketball superstar Michael Jordan, whose fame earned many other deals including online casino games that feature on, led to the creation of these design classics back in 1984. That the Jordan range still features at Nike after an astonishing 36 years is a testament to just how powerful the pairing of the right product with the right athlete can be.

kobe bryantMichael Jordan is rumoured to still make $100 million a year from his contract with Nike! Basketball’s association with Nike didn’t stop there. Lakers top scorer Kobe Bryant signed up for Nike in a piece of unfortunate timing, a mere matter of day before the infamous allegations of sexual assault were brought to public attention.

Nike kept to their five-year, $40 million contract, though would not use his image, or develop a signature shoe for him, until after the case had been settled and his reputation had begun to recover. The long-term nature of the association between athlete and brand helped both Nike and Bryant ride out a difficult period while maintaining their link until a time that was more profitable for them both.

 Lebron James250250 Casino Bonus BannerLeBron James combines athletic power and influence, with a well-defined sense of personal character and a reputation for social justice projects and philanthropy (the only scandal Lebron James was involved in was allegedly owing a Las Vegas casino $400,000 in casino gambling debt)   which make him a significant player in the public sphere. Nike has bought into that fame and goodwill with a lifetime contract with LeBron James that has inspired rumours of a billion dollar deal.

That long term commitment has already shown, with Nike making 13 versions of James’ signature shoe which is more than for any other athlete with the exception of Michael Jordan whose shoe is impressively on its 30th incarnation.